Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai

International cuisine with a hint of Middle Eastern food

I was very impressed with this place. I have a strict eating lifestyle, i.e., gluten-free, no red meat and lots of veggies, with the occasional seafood. On my first day, after a morning run around the neighborhood, I needed my coffee! I made my way downstairs to The Cavendish. My first impression of this place, friendly attentive staff. The presentation of food is excellent, and space is spotless! I swear everything in Dubai is immaculate. I would describe their food as international cuisine with a hint of Middle Eastern flavors.

As you enter downstairs, there is a roundtable, with mini juice shots. They have different flavors, some mostly made with greens and some fruit. I had a lot of these! Next, to the juice shots, you'll find many fruit options, if you are a fruit lover, you'll love this section.

Next, I made my way towards the hot food station. Their options were a mix of everything. If you are a meat lover, you'll have your choice of chicken or bacon sausages, lamb, and beef. For us veggie lovers, you'll find a fresh veggie bar, hot dishes with ingredients such as eggplants, rice, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and cauliflower. 

My favorite thing to eat each day was the hot veggie dishes, salad bar, and smoked salmon.  There is also another section where you can go to the chef, and he'll whip you up an omelet with your choice of ingredients. Now, if you are a carb lover, they have a variety of muffins and different types of bread. They even offer gluten-free baked goods. Next, to the bread station, there is a nut and dry fruit station. I had my fair portion of cashews, almonds, and peanuts! Across from this location, is another hot bar area with other options.

This place serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and Friday brunch! OMG, Friday brunch was on point! Another option for great food and unlimited drinks (remember, don't get too saucy, Dubai has zero tolerance for being drunk in public). There is also a pretty outdoor seating area with a water fountain. The weather was perfect, working its way towards the 90s, so I opted to have my coffee, juice, and meals outside.

What made this place even more memorable, was the staff. There were times when I was unsure about ingredients and Cristina would walk with me and say yes that is ok, no that is not ok.  Nicola, Alex, Faizan, and Mollah were excellent too! They gave me tips on things to do, how the RTA train system worked and assured me that I would be completely safe gallivanting around Dubai as a single solo female traveler. They were right!  Every single day, there were warm greetings, excellent customer service, we even exchanged funny stories and Instagram accounts to stay in touch.

They made it feel like home and not once did I feel homesick. Eating breakfast and laughing with everyone was very helpful. Thank you, Cristina, Nicola, Alex, Faizan, Mollah and everyone at The Cavendish, for your fantastic service and kind words. That's what I love most about travel. You'll create new memories that will last you a lifetime. Next time I'm in Dubai, I will be sure to come back here.

The Cavendish Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai, UAE