Affiliate Disclosure 


The federal trade commission (FTC) requires that businesses and individuals who receive compensation for endorsing a product or service to communicate this connection to the consumer. As a result, any affiliate who receives compensation for supporting or promoting services, products or services using articles, reviews, videos, blogs, rankings or other testimonials must clearly and conspicuously disclose this financial incentive. is a participant in several affiliates' advertising programs designed to provide opportunities for sites to earn advertising sales commissions and fees by advertising and linking to other company's sites where services and products can be purchased. Some pages on this website contain link ads and banner ads to other websites and services and are provided by the third party service provider. Affiliate links are used throughout the site. If you followed the link and made a purchase, a small percentage of the sale price will be paid to us.

Any commissions received because of the promotional efforts will not impact reviews on a product. Any products which have been gifted or provided for review will be mentioned within the post and are only posted if it's a good fit for aesthetic and content. Any sponsored giveaways or posts will be noted as such.

Not all products reviewed and opinions expressed on products and services discussed on our website contain a relationship between the and the product manufacturer or service provider. Where an affiliate relationship exists, has provided disclosure under FTC guidelines.

Discounts, offers & promotions: any discounts or special offers for goods or services are offered by the supplier and not us. We merely advertise their products and services. If any such special offers and discounts are withdrawn by the supplier, this is at their absolute discretion and decision. Any special offers or discounts refused by the supplier, will not be held liable.

Our affiliates include or have included (this is not a complete list, and the parties are subject to change at any time):

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