Best Weekend Getaway Looks

Can I get an “amen” if you need a weekend getaway, too? I’m going to assume you did because I know I do! Having a lovely, little holiday away can really do a body good, so why not go for it, girl! But what is even more important than the destination? Your most stylish, new outfits! Whether you go by yourself or you bring along bae, here are some fabulous must-have you need to pack to help you look even more amazing on your mini vacation.


Nothing says, “Hello Summer!” quite like an adorable jumper! You will have everyone thinking that you planned this entire ensemble - but it’s just a one-piece outfit! Our favorites for the perfect weekend away is those that show a tasteful amount of skin. Get a flowy romper that has a small opening in the center of your midriff - perfect for a day at a beach town! Pair it with slide sandals, a light colored bucket hat, and a straw, circle bag to complete this beach-themed look.

If you want to go for a more dressed up look, try a sleek satin, long sleeve romper to give a more “night-on-the-town” or date night vibe. Perfect for a weekend getaway since you can wear this to dinner then go straight out and enjoy the nightlife after! Accessorize it with a pair of red, strappy heels, some long, dangle earrings, and a chic mini crossover purse.


The up-and-coming shirred- + smocked-bodice dresses are one of the season’s newest cute and flirty styles. Usually adorned in a variety of patterns ranging from florals to stripes, they are a gorgeous sight for anyone! And since this heat is always something you have to keep in mind while getting dressed, these dresses have soft fitted tops and flowy skirts that are essential for staying cool and comfortable while not having to show off much skin. Match one of these fun dresses with your favorite mules, a floppy straw hat, and a neutral colored bucket purse.

Patterned and flowy dresses, not your type? No worries! All white, slim-fitting dresses are also in this season! Perfect for going from brunch to a walk through a museum, to sight-seeing for the rest of the afternoon, these dresses are ideal so you will never look too dressed up or too casual anywhere. Grab your boho-inspired wooden bead purse, favorite Birkenstocks, a gold watch or bracelet, and oversized sunglasses to complete this look.

Cocktail Dresses

Bae looking to get you out of the hotel room for a romantic night at the best restaurant in town for the perfect weekend getaway date? Yeah, he is! Now you have an excuse to show off those stunning cocktail dress you have hanging up! The classic off-the-shoulder and fitted style cocktail dress will never go out of style. If you’re a traditional kind of gal, get one of these in a deep red and couple it with sleek, black jewelry and matching clutch.

Or are you the type of girl who likes to ruffle up feathers when it comes to fashion? Speaking of ruffles and feathers - they’re actually in style for cocktail dresses this summer! Ruffles adorn patterned dress on the sleeves or down the skirt line while your accessories with this dress like your purse, shoes, and even earrings will be lined with fluffy feathers to give homage to the 90s and a twist on the classic evening gowns.

Although we have helped you pair your new, favorite outfits with their ideal accessories, here are a couple more trends to look out for when you want to boost your flirty vibes on your weekend getaway!

Bag Trends

Bucket, straw + circular, beaded, pom-poms, and neon colors are all the hottest trends for the 2019 summer. Not to mention, wrapping a silk scarf around the handles is something that won’t be uncommon to see on the streets, too! Many of these bags are designed for festival goers, which make them perfect for traveling and functional when you have a long day of activities.

Shoe Trends

This summer, its go big or go home! Platform and wedge heels are in season and help bring a boost to the booty and your height!

Other 2019 Trends

Bucket hats, pearls, neon everything, and super-mini purses are all on brand for the summer 2019 season. Look out for some funky patterns on dresses and wicker details on accessories.

Your fantastic weekend getaway is what you make it, and we already know you have excellent taste - that’s why you’re here! We know you’re going to flaunt your stuff and look your most fabulous self ever wherever you go this weekend!