Travel Skin Care Routine

How to Get Clear Skin FAST-Microneedling Chemical Peel

I often get asked a lot about my skin care routine and how I've managed to keep it clear over the years. Acne, pimples, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and ingrown hairs can be a challenge for some of us. There was a period in my life, where I had major skin issues (facial hair growth which caused severe hyperpigmentation). I was determined to get my skin back to the way it used to be, so with the help of my doctor and committing to electrolysis and TCA Peels, my skin cleared fast!

A few years ago, I had hyperpigmentation caused by facial hair all across my chin and cheeks. I started with electrolysis to permanently remove the strands and to help with my hyperpigmentation; I began with TCA Peels. In this video, you'll see Oliva performing Microneedling, followed by TCA Lactic Peel. When I'm in Seattle, I make it a routine for me to stop by and get one of these treatments. What I love about them is how bright and glowing my skin looks. There are times when I travel to humid climates, and sometimes you can't wear makeup, and my go-to look is a bright poppy lipstick and good moisturizer!

~Happy Travelling