Dubai Creek Harbour Vlog #4

Crossing Dubai Creek on an Abra


Thank you for stopping by my channel. In vlog #4, I was able to meet up with one of my dearest friends who was in Dubai at the same time I was there. It was great to link up with her for the day. You'll see clips of us hanging out in Old Dubai, crossing the Dubai Creek on an Abra, and a funny conversation in our Uber ride. If you're planning a trip to Dubai, feel free to check out my website, where I have detail blog posts on my experience, activities, what to wear and definitely what NOT to do so that you can have a wonderful holiday.

Dubai is incredible, it's so pretty in person, everyone is kind, it's so safe, there are tons of places to eat, they even have gluten-free options, and tons of vegan and veggie options too. So if you're thinking of making Dubai your next holiday, I would say Yassssss GAWD!

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~ Happy Traveling Elizabeth Akinyi ~